24 Nov 2014

Monday Morning

I woke up to a tidy bedroom after a terrible nights sleep and a nightmare about ghosts of the past and blueberry ice-cream. After an acceptable recovery period of around 10 minutes, I checked my phone to find seven messages from my best friend about a man who took up two seats on the train and smelt of stale cigarettes. She know how to entertain and after a giggle I rolled out of bed to face the day. I had a bath and dried my hair before choosing an outfit. 

I opted for my H&M velvet and sheer skater dress with a black belt and earring from New Look. 
After a quick breakfast, I headed to my car and took to the Gower. I drove through common land filled with sheep, cows and wild horses and sang my heart out to the most awful songs on my iPod. I stopped at Oxwich bay and sat on the beach to make lists and breathe in sea air. Nothing calms me down quite like the seaside.

I returned home with a pocketful of beach stones and sea glass, shortly after an overexcited dog introduced himself to me. He jumped all over my writing and my dress and somehow ended up in my bag at one point. A warm greeting, but my bag is now full of sand. 

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