9 Oct 2014


I have recently learnt the hard way that you should never take for granted the wonderful things that surround you. The past month has been a blur of tears, smiles and realisation. I had not realised how much my family were there for me and had not realised how many true friends I actually had. To all of you, I am forever grateful. I have been forced to look at my life and at myself, and was surprised at what I found.

1. Sometimes, you really do need to remember that you need to look after number one. 
I have a terrible habit of putting everyone else's problems before mine, and in turn end up taking them on as my own, to the extend that I had completely forgotten that I actually needed some TLC! 
Remember, You are just as important! It is definitely still important to help others but you cannot take on more than you can handle for fear of losing yourself.

2. You are a Strong, independent, female human being!!
Own it! Everybody has those days where you feel like the whole world is against you and that everything that is going wrong is impossible to bounce back from. Pick yourself up girly, you got this! It's all about self belief.
Take time out for yourself; do something you love, go somewhere you love, paint, photograph, write, eat, drink - Just enjoy! 

3. Don't underestimate your friends and family.
Whatever it is that you are going through, they have and always will be there for you, just like you are there for them! They have your best interests at heart, they just want you to be happy and will make sure that they help to the best of their ability.
Remember why you surround yourself with these people. They are wonderful to you in every individual way and just like you love them, they love you right back!

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