8 Oct 2014


All Topshop.

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Autumn is my favourite season of the whole year and this year I am just as excited as ever! Usually I would covert anything burgundy, anything that looks hand-knitted by one of those grannies on the shreddies advert and, of course, the perfect pair of boots in preparation to take me through to the rainy winter that is inevitable seeing as I live in Wales. This year however, I am feeling ever so slightly more adventurous. Previously I have shied away from certain items of clothing because I believed that I was too large to 'pull them off', but lets cut the BS, we are all beautiful so why on earth shouldn't we wear what we like?!! So, in light of my most recent realisations, I am just dying to buy this light pink chenille cropped jumper and textured leopard print mini skirt!! I would wear them together with some burgundy shoe boots and my leather jacket for that extra edge. For a more dressed up evening look, I am very much fancying the digital floral print dress (above) with those very high, very cream, very classic heels. I'd pair them with a smart pastel coloured jacket and a floppy hat for a bit of glamour. I just cannot wait for Autumn this season!!

What are you coveting this Autumn?

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