3 Aug 2014


I made a Courting cake for my boyfriend and I's first anniversary.

This July has been a big month.

Firstly: It was me and Sam's first anniversary as a couple! The year has been one of my happiest, filled with beach trips, cake and laughter. So, to celebrate this, I made Sam a courting cake (above) and a scrapbook.

Sam with his scrapbook

Secondly: There has been plenty of drawing and creativity. I can't help but be inspired by everything and i'm never happier than with a pencil in my hand!

Fashion illustrations


Thirdly: I am currently half way through the 'Go Wales Graduate Academy' and am completing my work experience at a wonderful design company! I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment so far and have met some wonderful wonderful people!

My Smart Business outfits

All in all, It's been a lovely, if not too busy, month.
I hope you all had a good July!