22 Jun 2014

Cei Newydd

So, where better for a spot of photography than a day trip to New Quay West Wales?!!
I have been going to New Quay in summer since I was a little girl (ice-cream and jellyfish/dolphin spotting), then again as a teenager (wine drinking, running around barefoot, foolery) and now again, as an adult - somewhat. This time was a little more sophisticated, but so much more touristy. We all sat on the grass overlooking the harbour and beach eating ice-cream and giggling at the overexcited puppy that insisted on clambering all over my boyfriend and at my grandma dripping ice-cream down her skirt. After this, my boyfriend and I took a stroll up to the car boot sale, situated in the car park at the very top of New Quay, where I purchased a gemstone charm bracelet for a mere £1.50. We walked past Dylan Thomas' favourite watering hole, an array of flora and fauna and an abundance of very excited, ice-cream covered, bucket and spade carrying children. This was followed by a lunch at The Hotel Penwig, my favourite pub, and a wander down the pier that my best friend and I used to swim from, weaving through the boats on the mooring and back again. All in all, it was a lovely summers day! 


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