8 Apr 2014

Day One of #100dayshappy

I know that I am very guilty of ignoring the little things that make me happy on a day to day basis as much as the next person. This beautifully simple challenge is just a lovely excuse for me to recapture that love for every day that fails to register in my thought process currently. My boyfriend suggested that I join him in this quest and so, here goes!!

Day One; 

Seeing as he suggested that I do the challenge, and maybe something to do with how much I love him, my beautiful boyfriend is going to be the feature of Day One's ' #100dayshappy. This poor boy has to put up with everything from my incredibly annoying need to be outside most of the time to my awful habits and grumpy, tear-fuelled tantrums. After a lovely seven months together, I can safely come to the conclusion that this lovely lunatic of a boyfriend I have acquired makes me happy at least once every single day. 


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