4 Feb 2013

It has been a while since I've written.
Much to my mother's dismay, I've had my lip pierced. It did hurt, but only for 3 seconds, and I do have a bruise from the clamp, which is hidden behind concealer in the photo above, however, I quite like it! The boy said that it didn't look as bad as he thought, and my mam is now considering getting her nose pierced (isn't she such an absolute babe?)! In other news, I've spent a week at home whilst waiting for semester two of third year to begin, it is ever so sad to think that it is so far into my last year. It will be heart breaking to leave my beautiful friends. Nevertheless, I will be returning to Falmouth shortly to begin semester two (and with that, dissertation number two, booo!). It will be lovely to see everyone after a week, but it is always so hard to leave Swansea - regardless of how disgusting Wind Street is, I still miss the place. Before I leave, I may pop into boots to pick up a darker eyebrow pencil and try my hardest to resist buying hair dye! What is it about us girls and our hair? I get so god damn bored so quickly. I think it's time for a fringe trim if nothing else.So, hopefully next time I write I will be in Cornwall with good eyebrows and better hair...but no promises.

'So i'll wait, and i'll wait, for the ink to dry, for you to read the words'

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Annie said...

I love your new piercing I am so jealous! I want one now haha lovely blog post as always :) can't wait to see you soon when you return xx <3