19 Dec 2012

1. Fox slipper socks to keep my toes warm  2. Red Velvet brown with White chocolate frosting  3. My favourite tree decoration

I do genuinely feel like I should be more full of Christmas spirit, however, the christmas tree is finally up and the cake is finally baked. It's my job to ice the cake so I shall have to think up some ideas before Christmas day. Also, I have 3 festice cookie tins that my mammy expects to be filled with Christmas biscuits by the time she and my dad arrive home from Venice. How exciting!!

Here are a few photos of my favourite outfits this week. The boy told me that I look like Minnie Mouse in the headscarf (haha!) but it kept my ears warm and hid my bad hair day! I'm really into shirts at the moment, these two being my favourite. I seem to be paring them more with jeans now as it is just far too cold to wear anything other than denim.

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