14 Nov 2012

Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs.

Instead of doing my actual work, Painting has taken over. It's been a while and I've certainly lost the knack for it a bit, but I didn't enjoy it any less. I wish I could paint ever day.

7 Nov 2012

The past few days have been nothing if not traumatic. 
Whilst home alone, Brum broke down (he's okay now though thank goodness!), I got locked in the downstairs toilet and my laptop keyboard stopped working just before my deadlines. If that wasn't enough, a spider bravely crawled over my hand this evening. After such terrible luck with such daunting deadlines looming overhead, it's been difficult to stay positive. This said, I have managed to throw myself into the depths of Virginia Woolf (for my essay proposal) and have been quite productive regardless of the reoccurring bad luck. It wasn't all bad though, I went to Plymouth on the Saturday to see Ben Howard perform at the Pavillions. He was just spectacular and it really does make me so happy to be where I am at the moment. Falmouth has been second home for two years now and it is heartbreaking that this is my last year. It really is such a wonderful place. I love you Cornwall.

Wrap up warm kids, x