28 Aug 2012

1. New sunglasses £2 internacionale, Lipstick £4 Barry M, Umberto Giannini 'Scrunch up the volume texturising cream', False eyelashes £1 Primark, Rings from Topshop and a market in Greece  2. New Jumper, H&M £7.99  3. New Jumper and New lipstick (Barry M Peach/Coral)  4. Card (handmade by me) for my very clever cousin's amazing GCSE results - Well done babe!!!

Okay, so this is a bit of the same as always, a few pictures of new clothes, some drawing or in this case the tiniest and silliest watercolour card and some news! After the pictures comes the news; My boyfriend is taking me to Cuba! It's been such a lovely summer, there's been quite a few ups and downs but the boy has made this summer seem full of more ups than downs. However, it is his birthday whilst we are in Cuba, so I have to make it extra special :)    I'm in the process of planning and drawing up his card though, so that's a start! I'm struggling with present ideas so any ideas would be more than greatly appreciated? Although, no suggestions of underwear etc. - most of the girls have hinted at it and my mammy, yes my own mother, took me into Ann Summers to look....cringe?! Haha, I love my mammy. 
I hope you all had a really lovely bank holiday weekend, stay beautiful xxx


Ellen Atlanta said...

I love those heart shaped sunnies and your nose ring looks awesome! <3

Ellen xx

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melissa said...

cute glasses