20 Aug 2012

1. Sunday afternoon jasmine tea, 2. Mammy's flowers, 3. Frilly socks and brogues, 4. The Topshop tunic I wish I had bought.

Well aware that my last post was of an overwhelming girl crush, I feel that an apology is owed; Sorry!
I've been quite the busy bee, nothing too exciting though. The boy and I have been working to save up for a few days in the Caribbean and on the days off in between, I've been spending my days with the girls, my mammy and Walt Disney. The gym has been quite a prominent idea at the back of my mind, but true to form I have neglected that  for at least two weeks, so the fitness drive begins again with a trip to boot-camp in the park with a dear friend, Rachel. I may need a bit of luck! However, with a fitness drive, comes a brand new outlook on cooking. Recipes I am dying to work my way through this week are as follows; Italian baked egg, Spinach and pepper frittata and Cinnamon-apple strudels. 

(source: weheartit)

Now, I know I must save my money, lock it up in the bank until holiday and so forth, but it is becoming increasing more and more difficult with every shop I go into. However, on a recent trip to Cardiff with my mammy (a lovely idea of hers to get me out of Swansea for a day), I found a beautiful 'Vaudeville and Burlesque' dress in a charity shop for a mere £10! To say that I was chuffed with my find would be an understatement, in the heat of the moment I remember turning to my mam and claiming that 'I am a charity shop goddess' (which obviously isn't true)! 

5. Pattern on my new Vaudeville and Burlesque dress, 6. New Miss Selfridge tea dress 

I hope to write more and with more relevance soon. 
Stay Beautiful!


Ruby-May said...

love the frill socks with brogues zz

Laura Collins said...

Your hair is sooo lovely, I'm following you now xx