31 Aug 2012

Just a quickie

1. Topshop sleeveless check shirt £26, 2. Topshop tea dress £55, 3. River Island tapestry dress £40 , 4. River Island Blue jumper £32 , 5. New Look galaxy print leggings £12.99, 6. River Island sheer pattern top £22

I really wish that I was rich enough to buy everything on the wishlist above for my autumn/winter wardrobe! 
On other news, Cuba is booked and the boy and I are so excited! (Hopefully this will mean a new beach cover-up/dress!) Also, I made Banana bread this evening! Fingers crossed it'll taste as yummy as it looks :) 

28 Aug 2012

1. New sunglasses £2 internacionale, Lipstick £4 Barry M, Umberto Giannini 'Scrunch up the volume texturising cream', False eyelashes £1 Primark, Rings from Topshop and a market in Greece  2. New Jumper, H&M £7.99  3. New Jumper and New lipstick (Barry M Peach/Coral)  4. Card (handmade by me) for my very clever cousin's amazing GCSE results - Well done babe!!!

Okay, so this is a bit of the same as always, a few pictures of new clothes, some drawing or in this case the tiniest and silliest watercolour card and some news! After the pictures comes the news; My boyfriend is taking me to Cuba! It's been such a lovely summer, there's been quite a few ups and downs but the boy has made this summer seem full of more ups than downs. However, it is his birthday whilst we are in Cuba, so I have to make it extra special :)    I'm in the process of planning and drawing up his card though, so that's a start! I'm struggling with present ideas so any ideas would be more than greatly appreciated? Although, no suggestions of underwear etc. - most of the girls have hinted at it and my mammy, yes my own mother, took me into Ann Summers to look....cringe?! Haha, I love my mammy. 
I hope you all had a really lovely bank holiday weekend, stay beautiful xxx

22 Aug 2012

Vaudeville and Burlesque

Vaudeville and Burlesque dress (Thrifted for £10, originally £85)

So here is an official post on my favourite new dress! As mentioned in the last post, I am totally besotted with my find. I wore it for a few hours to meet my mam in town because I couldn't bear to see it hung up and unworn in my home town Swansea; I felt like it needed to see the sunlight.

1. Black peplum top, 2. Khaki casual shirt

On a visit to Topshop, I tried both of the items of clothing pictured above on and fell hopelessly in love! Apologies for the photos being quite crap, but it'll probably help to discourage me from spending all of my money on afore mentioned articles of clothing.

Saturday if my only night off in bank holiday after a 2 till 7 shift and I am just dreaming of bottles of wine and good company; needless to mention a good outfit!! I was planning on wearing a simple peplum top with my black shorts, however, I'm sure with a trip to Cardiff with Rachy will have me imagining up all sorts of outfit plans. Excited, isn't even the word!

Stay Beautiful! xxx

20 Aug 2012

1. Sunday afternoon jasmine tea, 2. Mammy's flowers, 3. Frilly socks and brogues, 4. The Topshop tunic I wish I had bought.

Well aware that my last post was of an overwhelming girl crush, I feel that an apology is owed; Sorry!
I've been quite the busy bee, nothing too exciting though. The boy and I have been working to save up for a few days in the Caribbean and on the days off in between, I've been spending my days with the girls, my mammy and Walt Disney. The gym has been quite a prominent idea at the back of my mind, but true to form I have neglected that  for at least two weeks, so the fitness drive begins again with a trip to boot-camp in the park with a dear friend, Rachel. I may need a bit of luck! However, with a fitness drive, comes a brand new outlook on cooking. Recipes I am dying to work my way through this week are as follows; Italian baked egg, Spinach and pepper frittata and Cinnamon-apple strudels. 

(source: weheartit)

Now, I know I must save my money, lock it up in the bank until holiday and so forth, but it is becoming increasing more and more difficult with every shop I go into. However, on a recent trip to Cardiff with my mammy (a lovely idea of hers to get me out of Swansea for a day), I found a beautiful 'Vaudeville and Burlesque' dress in a charity shop for a mere £10! To say that I was chuffed with my find would be an understatement, in the heat of the moment I remember turning to my mam and claiming that 'I am a charity shop goddess' (which obviously isn't true)! 

5. Pattern on my new Vaudeville and Burlesque dress, 6. New Miss Selfridge tea dress 

I hope to write more and with more relevance soon. 
Stay Beautiful!