29 Jul 2012

..wishing I was Jemima Kirke

Do you ever have those days when you've tidied your bedroom, re-organised your underwear boxes and have found yourself sitting on your bed, full up after dinner, wrapped in a cardigan wishing that certain someone was just there to chat about crap and cwtch up with? Well, I have absolutely just had one of those days. My solution? I have spent hours and hours watching HBO's new series, 'Girls' and the wonderful film 'Tiny Furniture'. Both were written by the ridiculously talented Lena Dunham and both feature the gorgeous actress/artist Jemima Kirke (whom the pictures above depict).
Jemima Kirke's styling in each of these fantastic creations is so exquisite and her laid back and spontaneous character just make me want to actually be her. To say I have a girl crush would be a little understated. Her outfits are so effortless and chic, but it must be her attitude that beams its way into a receptor in my brain that   compels me to be inspired by her. 

27 Jul 2012

Holiday outfits

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 
1. Jane Norman sheer black shirt, Zara denim shorts, Miss Selfridge ear cuff
2. Topshop crop top, Topshop linen skater skirt
3. Mango lace camisole, Topshop body-con skirt
4. Topshop lace dress, New Look floral crown, ASOS satchel

Just a quickie to show some of my favourite holiday outfits!
Back in beautiful Wales now and back to reality...bring on the bar work and gym time!

20 Jul 2012

holiday update

I have to begin with my favourite place on this entire island. Introducing the 'Valley of the Butterflies'!
It does what it says on the tin really, it is a valley of butterflies, but also one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been. Under a near complete cover of trees in the shade of the valley, you start from the bottom and make your way upward following a winding path of rock and twig situated to the side of small streams, miniature waterfalls and rockery filled with beautiful butterflies resting before they all spread their wings and flutter upwards and throughout the valley. It really is the stuff of wonderland.
Every year, my mam and I sneak off for a glass of wine and some tzaziki to share. It really is one of the highlights of my holidays. Local dry white in the greek sun with my favourite person while my dad and brother are nowhere to be seen (or heard) could not be an any better way to spend the hottest hours of the afternoon!

I shall leave you with some Mungo Jerry before I head off to the beautiful town of Lindos for an early dinner with the family and some souvenir shopping, watch this space!! 

14 Jul 2012

I know I was excited for beautiful sunshine but it may even be too hot to sunbathe! Having spent the past two days running from pool to shade in my bikini, its about time I hit the beach. So after a few lengths in the morning, its straight to the sandy shore of Pefkos. Just a few pictures to sum up my first few days; a) the view from my balcony, b) me and the brother before a quick trip go karting, c) my new favourite footwear, my pastel boat shoes from River Island.
I hope you are all sufficiently jealous, but that it isn't raining too much where you are also! 
Sending my love from sunny sunny Greece xx

10 Jul 2012

It's been a very challenging month or so but, finally, it is holiday time! 
I couldn't be more excited to drink jugs of wine in the sunshine, put my feet in the sea and let my thoughts drift off somewhere different entirely. Sketchbook and pencils at the ready; I'm going to get my sketch back if its the last thing that I do! 

This is on repeat.