11 Jun 2012

Pastels are overtaking the shop floors and windows, not even to mention my summer wish-list. Shirts in duck-egg blue sit beside lavender shades of lilac jeans. Candyfloss-pink cat eye sunglasses try and disguise themselves amongst the black wayfarers that sit in the stand in Topshop but each time I pass the stand I cannot help myself but to try them on. I know that it isn’t any surprise that pastels are so prominent this spring, ice-cream on the beach and the flowers that come with spring echo in all of these trends. Personally I would mostly associate pastels with the 1950’s, the candy pink Cadillacs parked outside American diners filled with young women in mint green full skirted dresses with lemon yellow cardigans draped over their shoulders eating ice-cream. However, in my eyes, pastels belong to the 1960’s this spring.

                Now, I may have watched ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ a few too many times, or spent too many evenings dancing around my room to ‘The Kinks’ and ‘The Beatles’, nevertheless, I wouldn’t imagine spending summer in any other way than in polka dot shirt dresses with matching candy pink head bands. I intend to spend the spring and summer in pastel ankle grazer jeans with a beehive hair-do and a constant smile. For warmer evening, a peach dress with an empire line and wavy hair with a flower behind the ear could be considered.

                I refer back to my favourite eras for fashion to inspire me on ways to wear the current trend the way that I want to. For me, the 1960’s is the most prominent throughout my wardrobe but this doesn’t mean to say that pastels couldn’t be interpreted into any other era. For instance, channel the 1940’s housewife. Think delicate tea china with pink floral patterns and then you can begin to envision women with their hair in rollers hidden beneath a sweet pea- pink headscarf and a lemon yellow tea dresses. This could be translated into a light pink tea dress with a china blue hair bow perhaps. Maybe the 1950’s Americana look I described earlier inspires you the most. If so, then a peplum top in lilac to mimic the full skirted dress in a modern way may be the answer. These three eras, the 1940s, 1950’s and 1960’s, seem to stand out the most to me when I consider the pastel trend this spring, however, I really look forward to seeing all different kinds of approaches to this trend.

Words by me, pictures via 'weheartit.com'