21 May 2012

Style icon Sunday: Molly Ringwald in 'Pretty in Pink'

After watching Pretty in Pink (1986) for the second time this month, I think it would be safe to say that I have absolutely fallen in love with Molly Ringwald as Andy. Just look at the glasses, the socks and the collars!! What more could you ever want?! If I could spend my days in wayfarer sunglasses, blazers over shirts with lacey collars and floral socks with brogues and leggings, well then, I would be one of the happiest humans alive! I've been considering sewing lace to a few of my socks for a while now but this has given me the push that I need and over summer (along with shortening my Laura Ashley dress and learning how to roller-skate) my project is to finally make my sock adorable and adorned with lace. Have any of you got any interesting projects for over summer? I would love to know what you are all up to!! Love as always, xx


Joanne said...

I guess she totally called that floral pants trend :) I would so wear those pants now!



Jessica said...

its funny how thing always come full circle huh? i was just thinking about all the 80s movies i need to watch stat!


Paulina said...

Nice photos:)

januarysublime said...

Love it! Pretty in pink has some awesome fashion! xx