20 May 2012

Here's my outfit from yesterday! I didn't go anywhere particularly exciting but I wanted any excuse to take my heart print tights out for a spin. Having spent all day at the library today, Annie, Ami and myself had a lovely girly evening in watching Bridget Jones' Diary and Notting Hill (but main dribbling over Hugh Gant, because he is just divine!). 
I painted my nails whilst dribbling over Hugh Grant; I felt about five painting them alternate colours but I'm really happy with the result!! I love the purple pastel colours I've used with the pink. Nail varnish is such a distraction from essay writing!

Also, I love the spring/summer colour palette in Look magazine this week. Personally, I wouldn't be able to wear the yellows and oranges but imagine how lovely they'd look in the sunshine whilst on a picnic under a tree! The blues and lilacs are my favourite and I would love to embrace this trend over the summer! I hope you are all well and looking forward to some sunshine as much as I am!!


annikaherz said...

lovely outfit - i like it a lot! :)

bahama-mamma said...

great look! very nice blog:)
you can follow me back, if u like my blog;)

Jessica said...

oh my gosh i used to be in love with Hugh Grant too hahahah! the tights are really fun with the swingy dress and i agree i love the bright color pairings! i think you could pull off any color just fine ;)


Pretty Things said...

you looks gorgeous, love the lace, and super cute nails