27 Mar 2012

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. 
A lot of things have happened and all I felt that a change was all that could help me take my mind off it. So, I've  had my nose pierced and tried to ombre my hair. I think I definitely needed the change.

23 Mar 2012

This, is what I want my hair to look like. The hair dye shall be bought tomorrow.
Wish me luck?

19 Mar 2012

So bring on the vodka please.

I've been home from university for 2 days now and I have already acquired a hangover, argued with my brother,driven my car, worked a shift, joined a gym and seen the whole family; there has been no unpacking  yet though. I'm really excited to check out the new gym I've joined properly, hope this motivation doesn't run away from me. I fully intend to hopefully reward myself with ombre hair and a nose piercing, god knows I need a change! 

2 Mar 2012

Cosmic Love

With our student union's 'Space Party' fast approaching I've been searching for inspiration wherever I can. I absolutely love all of these galaxy scenes but I have planned to go as a Pink alien. Now, I may end up looking completely ridiculous, but to quote my wonderful mother, If I can't do it now, then when can I? So this means, Pink/purple tights, some sort of spacey outfit and some pink alien-esque makeup. Wish me luck?

How amazing is this makeup by tigerlilymakeup.com!?
I wish I could do such fantastic makeup designs, but I shall keep you updated with what my face ends up looking like in the end; disaster or not.