3 Feb 2012

home sweet home

Home sweet home.
Back in Swansea for a week with my beautiful family and some wonderful friends. Today has been spent having breakfast on the seafront, sifting through sales, reading distressing but beautiful written paragraphs of my book and has been concluded with wine and tapas with my mammy and some television watching with the family. Sale shopping resulted in a new hat...I just couldn't resist! I've wanted a tan coloured floppy hat for the whole of winter and finally, I own one! Also, I received a lovely batch of Topshop makeup as a gift from my Elle subscription. What lovely surprises!
14 books sounds so daunting. However, I have one chapter left of 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro and would recommend it to anyone. Its so beautifully written and completely devastating in the most heartbreaking of ways. I couldn't be happier that it's restored my faith in English and somewhat reminded me why i'm doing my course...no matter how much Ishiguro's words make me cry my little heart out!.


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog :) followed and thank you for the comment/follow also!
Love xo

LINDA said...

Love your great blog darling! ♥

Linda from www.moonon.com

Marloes said...

I love your hat! You have an amazing blog! x

x Mr Brightside x said...

love your blog! think it's great


ttFNx said...

I lovee that hat x

Vicky said...

Amazing items. I love Topshop makeup- and the hat is great.