31 Jan 2012

18 Jan 2012

lets finish what we started

Having finally crawled out from under the pile of work I've been hiding under for around a week, I thought it was about time I did a blog post (sorry for the neglect!). I've been a busy-bee writing essays and doing presentations, as well as a little bit of partying (I am a Swansea girl after all). It was a 90's themed night during the week and my friends and are wouldn't have missed it for the world! In the photo you can see my lovely friends Charlotte, dressed as Barbie and Ami, dressed as Eliza Thornberry. I just dressed in 90's-esque fashion (also, please excuse my jib, how I managed to pull such a face is beyond me!). Anyway, the night was filled with far too much vodka and coke, an incriminating game of 'I've never..' and ended with a 'Bombay bicycle club'music session in the kitchen. All in all, a standard night at Tamarisk Castle.

Here are some photos from another night out with the lovely Annie and Suzie! My poor liver will disown me by the end of university I am sure of it, but until then, I shall continue to put my body through such trauma all in the name of a good time.

Having seen a lot of pretty, pastel and feminine outfits in the magazines etc. so I thought I'd kick start my springtime with some inspiration and these are my favorites! Now, I'm well aware that we are still in the midst of winter, but I can't help craving a bit of springtime. If I owned the straw floral hat and pink lace trim ankle sock, I fear I may be the happiest girly alive! I'm also considering saving up to buy the shorts, but possibly in blue instead of pink. 

I will love you and leave you with my favorite song of the year so far, I found it a few months ago but it's been on repeat whilst writing my essays and hasn't got old yet! Enjoy, you lovely people!

8 Jan 2012

promise you'll remember that you're mine

(1) all packed for uni                                                                                                                                                                    (2) drawing

All packed up and ready to leave for Falmouth tomorrow. Not sure I want to leave my family but i'm so excited to see all of my friend again, especially the beautiful Annie and Suzie!! Also, I did a bit of drawing which I thought I would share considering how long its been since I've picked up a pencil! Will put a proper post up once i'm all settled back at uni, but for now, nos da pawb! xx

7 Jan 2012

but you, you keep me warm

I just wanted to show off my new socks! I've been wandering into h&m and picking them up, turning them around, looking at the price and dreaming of wearing them through winter to keep my tootsies warm for months now and finally, finally, I am proud to call them my own!! 

4 Jan 2012

she looks good but her boyfriend says shes a mess

images from weheartit

To jump-start me out of feeling plain and boring, I felt that I needed some glamorous inspiration before I head out to hit Wind street tonight. definitely preparing myself for a night of false eyelashes, high heels and wine (lots of wine). Excited, is not the word.

peep show

Okay, so admittedly, this year has been a bit weird so far.
It's been 3 days filled with a boy from the RAF, far too much Christmas chocolate,not enough gym and anything to avoid to massive amount of uni work I am supposed to have been doing over the Christmas period. So it has come to this, I have spent all of my pay on underwear and makeup.
But there are worse ways to spend your money, right?!?
Also, how stunning is miss Knightley in this photoshoot by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia!?
Very, very jealous.

1 Jan 2012

for the times they are a changing

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pawb!/ Happy New year everyone!

There is always such a huge build up to that one moment where the date changes from an 11 to a 12; a moment where you feel that your slate has been wiped clean so to speak; a moment where you can be somebody else. Everyone wants to spend this moment with those who they love in hope that they will be somewhat cosmically bound to stay as close throughout this new changed year. 
This year, I spent my new years eve behind the bar, pouring jagerbombs in fact, and at that moment I was alone, aside from the bottle of jagermeister I was clutching ready to pour and hand over to very drunk, very patronising and very happy customers. Now, if this romantic/poetic idea that who you spend this moment with will determine the rest of the year then surely that means this year i'm destined to be a lonely alcoholic? Feeling slightly skeptical about this as I don't feel very alone (despite how little I ahve seen of, well, anyone as of recent) and i'm sure that I can't afford to be an alcoholic! In conclusion, I have chosen to disregard this fictional rule of your fate determined by a single moment.

As for new years resolutions, of course I have millions! Aware that trying to keep millions of resolutions will only end in complete exhaustion, I will of course only focus on one or two, but the others can stay there to keep me inspired and motivated to better myself in any way that I can! 
1. I will try my very best and work harder so that I can pass if not excell at my degree
2. I will be healthier and stop eating quite so much excessive amounts of chocolate
3. I will be happy, no matter how bad things get, I will be optimistic and just pull myself out of the bad mood (wine is allowed if required)

What are your new years resolutions?!