11 Dec 2011

you helped me put the brakes on because you're kind, I wonder why you like to be so good

The photo is from the summer but I am home at last! The amount I have missed my room, among everything and everyone else, is incredible. I instantly feel at home in my surrounding; probably because I've spent years sticking things to my walls, hanging up clothes in places clothes shouldn't be hung and balancing books on boxes. I've had such a funny few days but the comfort of my own home surprised me with how much calmer I instantly feel. Of course, I will be missing everyone at Falmouth, but it will no doubt make our adventures next term even more special! 
I arrived home to two ELLE magazines, issues December and January, and to a £25 gift voucher on Kurt Geiger (Thank ELLE!!!); watch this space in the new year to see if I've managed to pick up a beautiful (but somewhat bargin) pair of KG heels or not! I also received a letter from my old gym offering me 10 days of gym for only £10! Christmas has come far sooner than I expected it seems, I'm one very excited girl that's for sure. 
I may have already posted this photo in a previous post but I thought it was relevant again. 
I start back work on Tuesday as well which is so exciting, providing I can remember how to pour a pint that is! However, despite my workload and coursework, I am so looking forward to spending time with my beautiful, beautiful family. Seeing my mum, dad, brother and dog, Casper, this evening was such a happy moment. The 7 hour train journey is definitely worth it! 
Hope you're December is as happy as mine so far, x


januarysublime said...

Ah, the first photo is so lovely, all floral and summery! Nice to be reminded of warm sunlight at this time of year. :)
JS xx


Stefany said...

These pics are lovely. I miss summer now x