23 Dec 2011

 Since I've been home, it seems that I've been more busy than ever! My mum's birthday was a few days ago and we went up to London to see the wonderful Russell Howard and the absolutely astonishing Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition. It was a lovely couple of days, especially the wandering around Covent Garden and Trafalgar square and bottles of wine. I think my mum enjoyed, London is just so fantastic. Christmas is next on the agenda now, and I've been excited for months, so much so that now we are but a few days away and I have managed to make myself unwell. How ironic is that?! Nothing major, just a cold but sniffling and coughing like I've been standing in the rain in my underwear for days is not very attractive at all! Also, there is so much Christmas shopping and baking to be done. Some presents are wrapped and under the tree, but other remain hidden in the corners of shops i'm yet to visit. The best friends are back in Swansea, and I so look forward to see Emily tomorrow having already seen Jenny yesterday. It really is good to be at home! Bring on Christmas eve and the festive family time; don't you all just absolutely adore Christmas??!?!!?!

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