25 Dec 2011

I really hope you've all had as lovely a Christmas as I have! Considering I've been excited for what has been about two months, it has been absolutely wonderful so far! I have a few photographs below of what Santa brought me and, of course, what I had in the Blogger Secret Santa! 
Lovely, lovely,lovely  x

  A really big thank you to Santa and my absolutely incredible parents!
Thank you so, SO, much to the beautiful G from http://not-from-paris.com/ 
This definitely made my Christmas very very special!
I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward, as I know you must as well, to the New Year!! xx


sara tee said...

I got so many Lush products for Christmas as well! They're absolutely lovely, I love Snow Fairy C: yumyum. looks like you got some wonderful gifts


Mayavienn said...

everything looks so yummy and cute ! i like this post :d


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! x


sweet monday said...

Thank you for your comment :)

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas, so many nice gifts! xx