21 Dec 2011

Davina for Next

'Davina For Next promises to shake up what any woman wears before, during, and after her workout. Her comfort and style are assured as she gets into great shape!'

Having just become aware of Davina McCall's new fitness range for Next, the '10 days for £10' gym offer that sits next to my bed, hidden away in its envelope, suddenly doesn't seem quite as daunting! With the new year fast approaching and especially after all of those mince pies and large glasses of mulled wine, I can't help but long for the motivation to put down the piece of Christmas cake and get myself to the gym.

My first pick of the collection has to be this lovely red and stripey vest.
It looks really trendy and casual, not like the usual plain vest I would usually end up wearing! You would ultimately feel more confident working out in this adorable top. It looks casual and comfortable, what more could you need for a workout?! 

These charcoal coloured joggers caught my eye too. Often when I go for a run I find that I'm forever pulling my joggers up, however, the large waistband on these makes them look more practical and comfy! The ruched detail and cuffed ankles make them that slight bit more edgy and stylish.

As for shoes, aren't these just beautiful!? The metallic pink outside and floral inner lining give these trainers such an adorable feel to them. Also, the 'canvas pumps, in metallic or pretty floral print, carry the promise of decreased heel impact.'

My favourite of these items has to be the joggers, but the whole range looks fantastic!
All in all, I am very very excited for the launch of Davina for Next in spring 2011!
Because who doesn't want their workout to be a bit more glam?

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