25 Dec 2011

I really hope you've all had as lovely a Christmas as I have! Considering I've been excited for what has been about two months, it has been absolutely wonderful so far! I have a few photographs below of what Santa brought me and, of course, what I had in the Blogger Secret Santa! 
Lovely, lovely,lovely  x

  A really big thank you to Santa and my absolutely incredible parents!
Thank you so, SO, much to the beautiful G from http://not-from-paris.com/ 
This definitely made my Christmas very very special!
I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward, as I know you must as well, to the New Year!! xx

23 Dec 2011

 Since I've been home, it seems that I've been more busy than ever! My mum's birthday was a few days ago and we went up to London to see the wonderful Russell Howard and the absolutely astonishing Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition. It was a lovely couple of days, especially the wandering around Covent Garden and Trafalgar square and bottles of wine. I think my mum enjoyed, London is just so fantastic. Christmas is next on the agenda now, and I've been excited for months, so much so that now we are but a few days away and I have managed to make myself unwell. How ironic is that?! Nothing major, just a cold but sniffling and coughing like I've been standing in the rain in my underwear for days is not very attractive at all! Also, there is so much Christmas shopping and baking to be done. Some presents are wrapped and under the tree, but other remain hidden in the corners of shops i'm yet to visit. The best friends are back in Swansea, and I so look forward to see Emily tomorrow having already seen Jenny yesterday. It really is good to be at home! Bring on Christmas eve and the festive family time; don't you all just absolutely adore Christmas??!?!!?!

21 Dec 2011

Davina for Next

'Davina For Next promises to shake up what any woman wears before, during, and after her workout. Her comfort and style are assured as she gets into great shape!'

Having just become aware of Davina McCall's new fitness range for Next, the '10 days for £10' gym offer that sits next to my bed, hidden away in its envelope, suddenly doesn't seem quite as daunting! With the new year fast approaching and especially after all of those mince pies and large glasses of mulled wine, I can't help but long for the motivation to put down the piece of Christmas cake and get myself to the gym.

My first pick of the collection has to be this lovely red and stripey vest.
It looks really trendy and casual, not like the usual plain vest I would usually end up wearing! You would ultimately feel more confident working out in this adorable top. It looks casual and comfortable, what more could you need for a workout?! 

These charcoal coloured joggers caught my eye too. Often when I go for a run I find that I'm forever pulling my joggers up, however, the large waistband on these makes them look more practical and comfy! The ruched detail and cuffed ankles make them that slight bit more edgy and stylish.

As for shoes, aren't these just beautiful!? The metallic pink outside and floral inner lining give these trainers such an adorable feel to them. Also, the 'canvas pumps, in metallic or pretty floral print, carry the promise of decreased heel impact.'

My favourite of these items has to be the joggers, but the whole range looks fantastic!
All in all, I am very very excited for the launch of Davina for Next in spring 2011!
Because who doesn't want their workout to be a bit more glam?

11 Dec 2011

you helped me put the brakes on because you're kind, I wonder why you like to be so good

The photo is from the summer but I am home at last! The amount I have missed my room, among everything and everyone else, is incredible. I instantly feel at home in my surrounding; probably because I've spent years sticking things to my walls, hanging up clothes in places clothes shouldn't be hung and balancing books on boxes. I've had such a funny few days but the comfort of my own home surprised me with how much calmer I instantly feel. Of course, I will be missing everyone at Falmouth, but it will no doubt make our adventures next term even more special! 
I arrived home to two ELLE magazines, issues December and January, and to a £25 gift voucher on Kurt Geiger (Thank ELLE!!!); watch this space in the new year to see if I've managed to pick up a beautiful (but somewhat bargin) pair of KG heels or not! I also received a letter from my old gym offering me 10 days of gym for only £10! Christmas has come far sooner than I expected it seems, I'm one very excited girl that's for sure. 
I may have already posted this photo in a previous post but I thought it was relevant again. 
I start back work on Tuesday as well which is so exciting, providing I can remember how to pour a pint that is! However, despite my workload and coursework, I am so looking forward to spending time with my beautiful, beautiful family. Seeing my mum, dad, brother and dog, Casper, this evening was such a happy moment. The 7 hour train journey is definitely worth it! 
Hope you're December is as happy as mine so far, x

8 Dec 2011

silver's for the lonely

So, I guess my advent countdown went out of the window along with my will to live. I've been really busy with essays but i'm so glad to say that i'm finished! I do have plenty of work to do over Christmas, but that is irrelevant at this precise moment in time, more to the point, I'M GOING HOME ON SATURDAY! Excitement doesn't cover it.

Also, I haven't bought Vogue in a while and i'm getting unreal cravings for it!
ps. Definitely wouldn't mind owning a Vogue jumper.

4 Dec 2011


3rd day of advent completed. Ami helped me with the decorating too.
4th December: House Christmas dinner with all those nearest and dearest to me in falmouth (& Secret Santa)

3 Dec 2011

happy christmas your arse i pray god its our last

December has arrived (finally) and I have only one week until I go home and see the family! I'm excited for secret Santa and Christmas roast dinner with my wonderful friends here in Falmouth; but I really wouldn't mind going home to my family, job and beautiful dog. I don't even have an advent calender!! However, thanks to galadarling, I have found an advent calender that means I don't have to get fat off chocolates! 
http://galadarling.com/article/your-december-activity-guide ; This activity advent calender is just adorable and even though I've missed a few days, I'm going to make my own and attempt to do one activity a day! You should all try it out (although, I do understand that chocolate is possibly the best invention known to man -aside from high heels and control pants that is)!!

So lets begin with tomorrow!
December 3rd: Christmas baking! Anything, cupcakes, cookies, you name it! Decorate them festively and enjoy :)