19 Nov 2011

open wide here comes original sin

Just a few snaps of my new bedroom here at university. I haven't had a chance to put any photos up until now! I've been on my own for a few hours this evening but it's been really nice to just chill and not have to think about anything. I made cookies, hot chocolate and after a lovely phone call with my mammy, i watched a few girly films. 
Also, some more wishlist! I really do want a floppy hat and some crazy aztec earrings. Dear Santa, i've been a really good girl? 


helenlouise said...

Your room is absolutely gorgeous! You definitely have an eye for pretty things! Love the collage too, that nail polish is a fab colour!

aroselikethis said...

your uni room is so soo lovely! mine in halls is still really boring i need to make it more personal to me really!!! :) lovely blog xx