5 Nov 2011

Hallows Eve

Aware that I’ve neglected my blog for quite a while due to the start of second year and the stress of essay work, I’m going to do a nice post for you all about my Halloween. Despite the oven glass shattering, a door breaking and my lamp bulb being smashed, our house party/pre-drink session was a success. Who doesn’t love Halloween? Pumpkins, a big old game of dress up and lots of wine. How was your Halloween?

Just a new artist I've found and thought I would share. Lucy Rose is just adorable and such a wonder to listen to! 


amalia said...

Ohhh so cool pics dear!! :D Thank you veery much for your comment :*

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! What an amazing Halloween makeup! You guys look great! xoxoxoo

Eloise said...

Ah I love reading everyone's halloween posts! These pictures are awesome


bohemianbones said...

I love ur halloween's pics sooo much! amazing!


vintage process said...

Great pictures! I love it!

t said...

Nice costumes!


Anonymous said...

amazing photos!


Whitney Cosgrave said...

looks like fun!


princessmicah said...

you guys had so much fun and you all look so cute! yay!

AdamAlexMommy said...

amazing photography. and the make-up is so awesome. love it, and i am a huge fan. i am following!