26 Nov 2011

all this and heaven too

Conversations have been floating around my living room about a 1990's theme event in our student union in the new year and this has really got me thinking about the 1990's fashion. Now, I was a 90's kid, but instead of marching around in doc martens, crop tops and heavy makeup, I was running around in lion king pajamas, armed with my Polly pockets and Barbies. Being young I never really had the opportunity to be grungy and cool like the 90's fashion I hear about, so why not start now? 


Sam said...

I remember the doc martens and having a Polly pocket as well. I don't think fashion in the 90's was so drastic.
What are you going to wear to the event?

AmyBell said...

hahaha I was the exact same, lion king pj's ftw. They're really good photos by the way! xx


Martinees X said...

your blog is great :)

Brónagh Kennedy said...

my best nineties fashion moment was a Belle dress originally for halloween I wore it everywhere, yup being three was fun ;)

I'm pretty in love with Grunge now , it's inspired the name of my blog! Those pictures are awesome :)

Bx http://glamourandgrungefashion.blogspot.com/