28 Nov 2011

'All night your moth-breath
Flickers among the flat pink roses.I wake to listen:
A far sea moves in my ear.'
Morning song -Sylvia Plath

27 Nov 2011

wait a minute mr postman

Upon hearing the the doorbell chime at around 11.30 this morning, the only thoughts running through my head were that of, 'please let someone else be awake so that I don't have to get up' and 'there is no way that i'm leaving the comfort of my bed', however, no footsteps where to be heard throughout the house and there was no opening and closing of doors. With this, the thought occurred to me that perhaps the parcel was mine and I near enough leapt out of bed. I was so glad to have forced myself out of bed. My absolutely incredible mother had sent me one of my favourite, but as good as unworn, dresses, my pearls and my headband for a 1920's themed night out that I shall be attending soon this month and some money to keep me going! This definitely made my whole day. Also, I got 99 photos for 99p from snapfish.com which were delivered today. How exciting!

Now, the money I was supposed to be using to 'keep me going' was probably intended for food and bills but upon a visit to Falmouth's vintage flea market with the darling Annie and Suzie, I found this Charlotte Halton shirt. I am led to believe (courtesy of my mammy) that before River island was River island, it was Chelsea girl, but before it was Chelsea girl it was Charlotte Halton! I love sheer shirts at the moment but topshop is just so expensive considering that I am a poor student, so this was not only vintage and beautiful enough to catch my eye, but was a purse stealing six pound! I am so pleased with my purchase, not to mention a lovely day with friends well spent!

26 Nov 2011

all this and heaven too

Conversations have been floating around my living room about a 1990's theme event in our student union in the new year and this has really got me thinking about the 1990's fashion. Now, I was a 90's kid, but instead of marching around in doc martens, crop tops and heavy makeup, I was running around in lion king pajamas, armed with my Polly pockets and Barbies. Being young I never really had the opportunity to be grungy and cool like the 90's fashion I hear about, so why not start now? 

23 Nov 2011

Santa baby

It may only be the twenty third of November and the trees may still be full of copper leaves, but that isn't going to stop my thoughts reeling towards the festivities of December. To say that I am excited for Christmas would be an absolute understatement. With one essay still to write and a Christmas cake to bake for my university family, I still have two weeks before I begin my travels back to Swansea (where no doubt my mum will feed me up like a stuffed turkey and wrap me up in scarves and mittens).  With plans to make mince pies, drink mulled wine and get the Christmas decorations down from the attic, how on earth am I expected to concentrate on a 3000 word essay on 'Cultural Theory'? I have decided, quite simply, that if I blog about this childish hope for yet another wonderful Christmas, it shall be out of my system and I shall be free to focus entirely on the pretentious wittering of the likes of Foucault and other such theorists! Of course, I don't really resent this essay writing (or the theorists, however pretentious their writing is or not) as much as I am claiming, getting started is just such a huge effort for which I seem to be devoid of motivation. However, back to the festive spirit!
I thought I would share my Christmas list for 2011.
Pretty underwear is something I ask for every year.  A girl can never, ever, have too much underwear (although I must admit, when my vintage 'Selfridges' box (where I store my undies) started to break, I did consider that I maybe need a clear out before I buy anymore!
Perfume, and Marc Jacobs Daisy is my absolute favourite (although I'm not particularly fussy, as long as it smells pretty then I'm sold!)
This year I would love some cake decorating tools! There isn't much of a better feeling than having decorated 12 cupcakes to the best of your ability and just sitting there admiring them (until the rest of the family swoops in and gobble up your beautiful creations!).

However, Christmas isn't all about the presents.
It's about family and there is nothing more I would like for Christmas than to spend it with them eating crackers and drinking wine! (Although, take note Santa, if you want to wrap up a nice boy to put under my Christmas tree, I definitely will not be complaining, Thanks!!)
Glad to have that out of my system, hope you all are as excited as I am!!

20 Nov 2011

They say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you

I went on a lovely little adventure with Annie today. We live in such a beautiful place that it would be rude not to! 
Annie has also recently joined the blogging world :) Here is her blog URL for you all to have a look!
My other best friend has also started blogging!
Please take a look! 

19 Nov 2011

modern swinger

I went for a little trip into town with Annie, one of my best friends. It was a lovely little day out but tomorrow will be spent cooped up in the library writing essays and planning presentations. 
On another note, I picked this t-shirt up from a charity shop on my travels. Its got the old New look label but it so cosy and I intend to be wearing it quite a bit this winter with some leggings my leather jacket. 
Also, while you're here, check out these really yummy looking cocktail ideas?!
Me and the girlies are dying to try them out (especially the sparkling strawberry limeade)

open wide here comes original sin

Just a few snaps of my new bedroom here at university. I haven't had a chance to put any photos up until now! I've been on my own for a few hours this evening but it's been really nice to just chill and not have to think about anything. I made cookies, hot chocolate and after a lovely phone call with my mammy, i watched a few girly films. 
Also, some more wishlist! I really do want a floppy hat and some crazy aztec earrings. Dear Santa, i've been a really good girl? 

16 Nov 2011

'And that was it. Right there. Right there, that was the moment. I suddenly realised that unless something changed soon I was going to live a life where my major relationship was with a bottle of wine... and I'd finally die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by Alsatians.' - Bridget Jones' Diary.


Have been pretty homesick the past week. I miss my mum, dad, brother and adorable dog, Casper, an awful lot. Apparently I have a parcel on its way to me, so that's exciting! Please hurry Mr Postman, my welsh heart misses the comfort of my own home in Swansea. My brain seems alive with thought these early hours of the morning and so I can't quite fall asleep. This being said, I've been having Bridget Jones' Diary cravings for weeks and now seems like the perfect opportunity to watch it (hence the quote at the beginning of this post)!! I just know that I will end up just like her in a few years, married to my bottle of wine and forming love affairs with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. However, on a more upbeat note, I'm seeing one of my lovely best friends, India, on thursday for a warm cuppa and a catch up; to say I'm excited would be an understatement! I hope you've all had a lovely few weeks and have lots of surprises to look forward to, xx

12 Nov 2011

love and communication

Have been feeling quite uninspired recently. nothing a quick visit to weheartit.com and some stumbling couldn't cure. Have been lusting after so many winter bits and bobs, just as I'm sure all of you have also.

For instance; I really would love a simple white shirt and a pair of coloured hotpants please Santa. Offset the two basics with brave earrings and some nude/pastel accessories and warpaint.
Wrap up warm sweeties, xx

5 Nov 2011

Hallows Eve

Aware that I’ve neglected my blog for quite a while due to the start of second year and the stress of essay work, I’m going to do a nice post for you all about my Halloween. Despite the oven glass shattering, a door breaking and my lamp bulb being smashed, our house party/pre-drink session was a success. Who doesn’t love Halloween? Pumpkins, a big old game of dress up and lots of wine. How was your Halloween?

Just a new artist I've found and thought I would share. Lucy Rose is just adorable and such a wonder to listen to!