14 Sep 2011

I organised my makeup box and bought a new bag...oh and the new copy of Vogue.

10 Sep 2011

saturday inspiration

a little bit of grunge to suit the clouds this saturday.

7 Sep 2011

I went a little bit overboard with my pay...
The grey tshirt and blue jeans were bought to go back to university but the bag and makeup are, of course, completely impulse. I saw the bag and just fell in love...as for the makeup, a girl can never have too much! The maxfactor mascara is really good! I tend to use maxfactor mascara as a staple anyway, but this false lash effect one is really pretty good! The lip tint is also lovely. The No7 lipstick and nail varnish are similar nude colours, not entirely sure the lipstick suits me that much, but we shall see! Lastly, nail glitter!! Because who doesn't want pretty pink glittery nails?
Bought anything exciting this week that you'd like to share?

5 Sep 2011

I bought a new dress. It's plain navy and 2 layers of sheer material. I'm definately going to need to wear tights with this one! Also, i've been thinking about doing something with my hair. I was thinking of dying it a sort of reddish colour, what do you think? Be honest!!