19 Aug 2011

I can already feel summer slowly falling off the trees and landing in copper piles. Autumn is my favourite season and i'm far too eager for it to arrive. I've got a really strange feelng running through my veins, i've been drawing a lot the past 2 days and I have a frustrating urge to just make/write/create things. It shouldn't suprise me as much as it has, but I haven't felt this creative in such a long time. I'm sure to put some of my drawings up tomorrow for anyone that might be interested in having a look. I still maintain that they aren't extraordinary but i'm going to keep doing it because its something that seems to make my fingers twitch if I don't get it onto paper quick enough.
So, as well as this finger-twitching creativity, the chilling autumn gives way to a small longing for cwtches and disney films shared with someone male and charming. Now, as to not be mistaken, i'm not going to conduct some desperate single girl man hunt, or even look for someone to watch disney films with. If someone comes along and sweeps me off my feet, then I definately won't complain, but untill then, I found this marvelous article on galadarling. If any single girl is to survive the terrifying world of dating, flirting is a must. Read 10 tips to turn you from wallflower to flirt professor; It's truly wonderful (especially the eyelashes section).
Thank god it's Friday, x

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Limasim said...

beautiful and great blog <3 i will follow you!