31 Aug 2011

As much as I love my room here in Swansea, my friends, my family and my sense of home...i'm missing Falmouth so much recently. Today, or perhaps I should say yesterday now seeing as its 3am, was my best friend from university, Annie's, 19th birthday! Recieving her drunken 'birthday night out' phonecall earlier telling me how much she loves and misses me definately made my night. She also preceeded to tell me how two bartenders gave her five free drinks. I'm so happy my lovely Annie had a brilliant 19th, only sad I wasn't there to pour the wine down her throat myself! I have the best part of a month left in Swansea now and instead of moping around, I would love to do something practical. I'm working on the weekend but I hope to spend some quality time with my mum and the rest of the family and friends in the days inbetween. The photo above is basically just to show off my mirror. When my dad found it, it was horrible and black but i've painted the frame cream and cleaned up the mirror and I hope you'll agree that it looks great!!
Before I love you and leave you for a good nights sleep, heres a few things on my list for this autumn; Burgandy heels, a maxi skirt, satchel bag and some beautiful accessories. This weeks pay should hopefully help to contribute to my autumn/winter wardrobe!
Stay Beautiful xx

29 Aug 2011

all work, no play.

Okay, so I've been working pretty hard recently. I pull pints and spill sambucca at a lovely little music venue called 'The Garage'. Granted, I haven't been working there so long, but I think i'm getting the hang of it and have made such lovely friends so far! Everyone there is so happy and, yes,  it really is infectious. Basically, what i'm trying to say is that I love my job. Tomorrow will be my fourth night in a row as it's the last night of the Uplands festival. However, as i've barely found the energy I need to walk the dog in the daytimes, most of them have been spent on my sofa watching films and wandering the internet for inspiration and ideas. I thought I would share a few seeing as everyone needs a bit of inspiration every now and again!!

Nearing the end of August, we begin to realise that, naturally, September is going to march in with all its copper leaves and cold sun to remind us that it's nearly time to return to school (or perhaps, college and university in my case). I found this cute little checklist for 'Tips for back to school shopping'. Now, as i'm sure that we all love shopping, we don't really need too muh advice about it (except of course on how to put our purses away) but this is just a sweet like reminder to buy some paper and invest in a good bag and pair of shoes..afterall, they have to endure the overwhelming awsomeness of how you look while you storming the corridors for handsome boys to crush on for the year (and of course to take the weight of all those heavy reference books we will be forced to carry around like donkeys).
The  parents have been away on holiday in sunny and beautifully hot Greece this week and so i've had to wonderful task of taking care of, what essentially is becoming a farm but in reality is just, a few chickens, Casper my beautiful dog and the fishpond. However, it isn't without its downside. Our egg basket is overflowing!! Due to the afore mentioned tiredness and lack of motivation to even move, I haven't been able to do any proper baking. This simple recipe for Raspberry and chocolate muffins has completely inspired me to use some of those eggs! Here is the link for these delicious treats!

Now, I shouldn't bore you with my absolute obsession with the 1960's, but I find that I will. Born in the wrong era, as one of my best friends has told me in the past, I feel that my heart belongs the sixties. The clothes!! The big earrings, the cat-eye makeup and, of course, the shift dresses! Having looked at the River Island website recently, contemplating what to spend my money on (clothes or homeware for second year university?), I stumbled across an array of sixties inspired designs! This beautiful dress stood out to me immediately and so much so that I tried it on in the shop....I'm waiting untill pay day! Definately check some of the things out, and even if the sixties isn't your scene, there are beautiful burgandy and copper coloured maxi skirts that i'm sure you'll be as eager to get your hands on as i am!!

Stay beautiful x

23 Aug 2011

I stared a new sketchbook where i'm trying to combine some mixed media, or just work on different and interesting surfaces. Again, nothing special, just some progress.

20 Aug 2011

Midday and i'm still in my pjamas wrapped up in bed wishing that I could go back to sleep. Anaemia is the bane of my life; perks of being a vegetarian. On another note, I thought i'd share my new purchases and drawings with you! The red jumper in the first picture is definately one of my new autumn/winter staples. I rarely seem to find anything red that i'm not overly fussy about, but fisherman rib at a reasonable price and i find I can't argue, let alone stop myself from placing it in the already full primark basket. Needless to say, I had a bit of a Primark splurge which included undies, leggings, the afore mentioned jumper and some really cheap false nails. You can't go wrong really. The second picture is just of my magazine collection this month, my sketchbook and a beautiful laura ashley 'home decorating' book that I found in a charity shop. I will be sure to post about it soon, after i've tried out some of the craft ideas from the back pages. Lastly, here is just a photograph of my most recent sketchbook work. I've been doing a lot of pen work but i'm not entirely sure if I can pull it off.

19 Aug 2011

I can already feel summer slowly falling off the trees and landing in copper piles. Autumn is my favourite season and i'm far too eager for it to arrive. I've got a really strange feelng running through my veins, i've been drawing a lot the past 2 days and I have a frustrating urge to just make/write/create things. It shouldn't suprise me as much as it has, but I haven't felt this creative in such a long time. I'm sure to put some of my drawings up tomorrow for anyone that might be interested in having a look. I still maintain that they aren't extraordinary but i'm going to keep doing it because its something that seems to make my fingers twitch if I don't get it onto paper quick enough.
So, as well as this finger-twitching creativity, the chilling autumn gives way to a small longing for cwtches and disney films shared with someone male and charming. Now, as to not be mistaken, i'm not going to conduct some desperate single girl man hunt, or even look for someone to watch disney films with. If someone comes along and sweeps me off my feet, then I definately won't complain, but untill then, I found this marvelous article on galadarling. If any single girl is to survive the terrifying world of dating, flirting is a must. Read 10 tips to turn you from wallflower to flirt professor; It's truly wonderful (especially the eyelashes section).
Thank god it's Friday, x

18 Aug 2011

Have just come back from Kavos and I've got severe holiday blues.

17 Aug 2011

A few weeks ago, my wonderful mum and dad took me and my best friend (annie) from university to see one of my favourite artists, Sarah Jarosz perform. Bush hall is such a beautiful little venue and that evening it held some seriously spectacular talent.
And heres a cheeky photo of us in our London hotel for the evening. It was such a lovely night and I shall never forget it.