20 Jul 2011

I said to myself that i was going to dedicate the past week to sorting my blog out but i'm sorry to say that I got distracted with jobhunting and heartache. I cannot mope around any longer, so i've been daydreaming of quaint cups of tea and thrilling novels by day and intoxication nights spent in retro fashion. I know now how men are not worth the ache they cause, I intend to be better than them; think samantha jones.

11 Jul 2011

Just a few cupcakes i made. Wish i had my own business.

8 Jul 2011

Millie and I went out last night to kiss all the boys and make them cry. Wearing my new playsuit, i thought i would share a few photographs.

6 Jul 2011


5 Jul 2011

i NEED a job.
i WANT roller skates.
i WILL do more painting.
i AM going to make cushions for my new room.
i would LOVE to perfect my baking skills.
i SHOULD stop daydreaming.
i WISH he wanted the same things.