29 Jun 2011

Me and the best friend Annie went on an adventure today with my camera. Its one of our last days in Falmouth before summer so what better time for a cheeky photoshoot. How gorgeous is my best friend!! <3

25 Jun 2011

Just a few recent sketches, have been so bored recently! Officially finished my first year at university, time has flown so quickly. If anybody wants a drawing done, i have plenty of time on my hands :) xx
Just a few photographs of my Monday night out. The first is of the boys, the second me and Annie and the third is of me, Annie and Ed Sheeran (singer). It was a lovely night, although I barely got a chance to dance. Hope you have all had a lovely week.

14 Jun 2011

Just a sneaky peak into my bedroom at home in Swansea. I do love my room ever so much, but, I cannot deny ho unbelievably excited I am to move into my lovely new bedroom in Falmouth, Cornwall.
My little brother has just turned seveenteen and so i made him birthday cupcakes with the logo of his favourite car part company on and some with 17 on of course. There is one of a car...but it looks more like postman pat's Royal Mail van.

How cute is this song?!

12 Jun 2011

Just some bedroom inspiration. Really REALLY excited to move into my new house in July!!

11 Jun 2011

take me to the ballet

I have just spent the evening with my mam seeing as dad's away on work and my brother is out with his friends. We made a lovely dinner for the two of us; homemade salsa and tortilla chips as a starter; a pesto, courgette, pepper, mozzarella and pine nut pasta dish as main and some lemon and raspberry sorbet for dessert. Whilst eating this lovely dinner (that, as you can tell, I am very very proud of!), we watched 'The Black Swan'. Natalie Portman is just beautiful; I wish I could dance.

9 Jun 2011

Last night I went out for a quiet drink with my friend, Jooyun, which turned out to be a standard messy wednesday night out with Millie and far too much alcohol consumption. I saw the boy I liked, in all childish sense of the phrase. He told me that I looked nice and asked how long I was home for.
Last night was strange.
Just some headband inspiration; I love mine at the moment.
A man asked me last night why I had flowers in my hair.
My reply? I wanted to feel pretty :)

7 Jun 2011

I wish I could travel around and send postcards of every adventure, tea-stained and dog-eared. I wish I could draw over my hands and wear rings on every finger. I wish I had old fashioned maps of the world to cover my walls and make me feel part of something bigger than britain.
But more than anything, I wish I didn't have to wish quite so much.