24 May 2011

'He is lost in his atlas of all things,
I watch as his fingers trace the page;
we reside in the space between place names and conversation.
He doesn't know his damage, i'm sure of it.'

(Just something i'm working on currently; it's about a boy so will most likely remain unfinished.)

5 May 2011

Well, my goodness, it has been far too long! Sorry for neglecting the blog, essays are boring a hole right the way through my brain, it makes for good writing though. I hope everyone had a lovely easter and are enjoying the May weather that is apparently splendid everywhere; everywhere except Cornwall that is. Leaving the rare Swansea sunshine for cloudy Cornwall was quite heartbreaking, speckles of rain started appearing on the train window around Plymouth and my heart literally sank. Nevertheless, it is lovely to be back (despite the workload) and even more lovely to see everyone again after the month holiday.

My mammy took me for a picnic down the beach on my last day on swansea. It included wine, strawberries pineapple and cheese sandwiches; what more could I want?! Missing my mam lots at the moment <3
It's nice of course to be re-united with my friends again! Above is me and Annie before our Monday night out; A messy night by all accounts.

I found this on 'Weheartit.com' and it just made me think about 'love' and love lost.
Oh my sensible heart; If something is meant to happen, then it will.