3 Apr 2011

My mammy bought me a heart shaped cake tin back in february and I thought it would be about time I put it to good use! I was quite proud of my mothers day cake, it turned out better than I had expected :)

After a cup of tea and a piece of my mammys Mothers day cake, I drove the family down to Oxwich bay to walk the dog. Ohh, I do love the seaside. I couldn't help but dip my feet in, the rest of my family kept their shoes firmly on their feet of course and seemed to just stare in disbelief that I was actually standing in the (freezing cold) sea that even Casper (my dog) wouldn't venture into; although, they should be used to it by now. Tired from walking across the beach and back, we went for a quick drink in the 'Oxwich bay Hotel' on the outside tables, it was lovely to be all together as a family, happy and calm.Evenings like this one make me happy to be home. I hope your Mothers day was just as special.

Happy Mothers Day Mammy;
You are the strongest, most beautiful, most inspiring and wonderful human being that I know.


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Holly said...

ufff! I love it and WANT one!