5 Apr 2011

I love April. Not only is it my birth month, but my parents got married April a few years ago. It's my dad's birthday and the daffodils begin to make way for the bluebells (perks of livin next to a woods). Buy me tulips and take me to the beach? 

Just a few drawings I've done recently; nothing special. Need to work on hands and my pen work.
Quickest outfit post ever too. Considering its spring I should be out in pastel colours and crochet; wasn't feeling particularly colourful so i dressed for the weather, April showers and cloud cover.


Meg! said...

Wow, your drawings are amazing! I'm so impressed.

Anonymous said...

Hello my lovely, thank-you for the comment, these drawings are amazing! xxx

Ellie said...

Lovely photographs, and I love your drawings! I love birthday months!
Have a great day doll!