24 Apr 2011

'Nineteen, you're only nineteen for gods sake, you don't need a boyfreind'<3
My birthday has now been and gone and, in all honesty, was quite a disaster but thou shalt not dwell in the past any longer. I have spent my day in the sunshine with good music, family, strawberries and some animal escape attempts that left me feeling as though I belonged in a Beatrix Potter book with my dad as Mr McGregor protecting his raspberries from naughty chickens!
Please take me here?

Just because i'm feeling Super cute at the moment, xx

13 Apr 2011

Just some inspiration (credit to weheartit.com)
This gorgeous weather makes me want summer; simple things like sitting in the garden with a good book and bowl of strawberries, walks in the park with a picnic and lemonade in the evening after paddling in the sea. Hurry up April showers, I want pure sunshine please; thankyou.

8 Apr 2011

There is nothing I love more than being near the sea.

5 Apr 2011

I love April. Not only is it my birth month, but my parents got married April a few years ago. It's my dad's birthday and the daffodils begin to make way for the bluebells (perks of livin next to a woods). Buy me tulips and take me to the beach? 

Just a few drawings I've done recently; nothing special. Need to work on hands and my pen work.
Quickest outfit post ever too. Considering its spring I should be out in pastel colours and crochet; wasn't feeling particularly colourful so i dressed for the weather, April showers and cloud cover.

3 Apr 2011

My mammy bought me a heart shaped cake tin back in february and I thought it would be about time I put it to good use! I was quite proud of my mothers day cake, it turned out better than I had expected :)

After a cup of tea and a piece of my mammys Mothers day cake, I drove the family down to Oxwich bay to walk the dog. Ohh, I do love the seaside. I couldn't help but dip my feet in, the rest of my family kept their shoes firmly on their feet of course and seemed to just stare in disbelief that I was actually standing in the (freezing cold) sea that even Casper (my dog) wouldn't venture into; although, they should be used to it by now. Tired from walking across the beach and back, we went for a quick drink in the 'Oxwich bay Hotel' on the outside tables, it was lovely to be all together as a family, happy and calm.Evenings like this one make me happy to be home. I hope your Mothers day was just as special.

Happy Mothers Day Mammy;
You are the strongest, most beautiful, most inspiring and wonderful human being that I know.