8 Mar 2011

Things that make me smile.

Alice in wonderland;
Boys who smile and make the effort; Big hair; Big eyes; Blue skies;
Casper (my dog) when he winks; Cwtches; Candles that smell nice;
Dancing in my room like a lunatic; Dinner with friends; Dictionary definitions; Daydreams; Disney;
Emily, the best friend, in everything she does; Elephants; Evening walks;
Freshly warm laundry; Flowers that have just opened; Floral prints; Friends I can trust;
Girly nights in; Genuine people;
Hopeful attitudes; Hairspray; Houses painted in pastel colour; Hats;
Jam sandwiches; Jewellery that has a story behind it;
Lemonade on sunny days; Library books;
My mammy; Music;
Not caring about anything;
Old houses;
Promises; Pretty dresses;
Questions that make people laugh;
Rainy days; Rainbows;
Sketchbooks; Stargazing; Sunshine;
Umbrellas that blow inside out in the wind, you can't help but laugh at yourself;
X -
Yellow tulips;
Z -

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blorange dice said...

what a lovely post!! the photo is so beautiful, and the list was really fun to read. (: i think 'F' is probably my favorite - it's chock full of happiness. and 'U' made me smile