20 Mar 2011

Lots and lots and lots of work to be done, but just enough to time to show off my expert fringe trimming skills and newest buys! The shorts and bra cost me £3 each; I was so pleased with my bargins!! The shoes are my absolute fave, New look, but beautiful and so comfy! I had a lovely day with My darling flatmate, India. She is leaving university soon and I really am going to miss her tremendously! We have some shenanigans planned for the easter holidays though seeing as we don't live to far away at home. My week have been a ray of sunshine compared to last week and I'm glad of it; pity Monday's essay is going to come and ruin my life. Hope you are all well and as ever, stay beautiful xx


danniekate said...

i love those undies, so so cute! and lovely shoes :) xx

Elegantesque said...

The shoes are so cool !!


frances said...

loveee the shorts