16 Mar 2011

Just a little bit of room decorating!
This week has been tiresome and dramatic, but i'm suprising amounts of happy considering the situation. We found a house for next year...finally! Feelings were hurt along the way though for which we all feel terrible. Home for easter in around two weeks, really excited to see my girlies, and my family of course. Easter means that my birthday will be fast approaching and, as much as I don't want to grow up to an ancient age of nineteen, i'm looking forward to some grand celebrations. Never will the Breakfast at tiffanys quote, 'Promise me one thing, don't take me home untill i'm drunk', take on such meaning. My poor liver! Nevertheless, i hope you all enjoy your week just as much as i am determined to enjoy mine!!

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blorange dice said...

what an amazing room!! congrats on the new house, too. that's exciting!