2 Mar 2011

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant Hapus
(Happy Saint Davids Day)

It's the first of March, Saint David's day and this is where I consider that spring has begun. In a walk to asda, how adventurous, there were daffodils and catkins everywhere; this, to me, is spring. I've just spent my morning making the largest batch of welchcakes i've ever made and i think i've outdone myself; not to be big headed or anything, as that is something i'm definately not, but they are delicious! I even put red undies on in honour of Wales <3

In the afternoon, inspired by watching James Brown on 4OD, I decided to attempt to do a beehive for the first time. Here are the results, i'm not too sure; what do you think?
This song is my ultimate Spring song :) I'd love to hear what your spring songs are?!
Have a lovely March!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi! It's such a cute headband! You have really beautiful eyes and your lashes look really long! I wish mine were like that! Thank you for letting me know about the book :-) xoxooxo

blorange dice said...

oh my gosh, no way, i looove that song! i have had their cd since like 2007, and i still listen to that song all the time (it's my favorite). did you know they use a tap dancer as percussion??

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog.
We like your Picture.

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Pictures by SJ. said...

Cute headband

little shadow said...

I actually really like the beehive, I think it looks way better on brunettes than blondes as well. You definitely pull it off!
Cute blog x

danniekate said...

i love love your blog! super cute pics :) xx