2 Feb 2011

Home sweet home for the week at last. Have been feeling really homesick and unwell in general and seeing as I have a week off, what better way to spend it than at home with the people I love the very most?! As you can see, I'm pleased to see my little brother and thought I would share him with you, especially as the lucky so and so stole all the pretty genes!

Also, cannot wait to see this beautiful creature who is my best friend in this world, Emily. I have missed her terribly; telephone calls and texting is just not enough. SO excited to see her tomorrow for some serious catch up.

Anyway, it is definately time to get some sleep,my anaemic excuse for a bosy needs some rest to try
and fight off this silly inconvienient cold that seems to be ruining my life.

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Lunay said...

Hopefully you feel better and less homesick. I like your blog =]