27 Feb 2011

This is purely just a 'what a wore' to Band night this evening. It was a charity event for 'Shelterbox' (a disaster charity) and the music was great. Despite the grand music, the highlight of my evening has to have been some very amusing dancers (for instance, a rather arrogant female who clearly considered herself Beyonce and an incredible male who seemed as though he was on an entirely different planet). To focus on the music, or the band more so i guess, I really wouldnt mind a lovely song writing, guitar playing, check shirt buttoned to the neck and stucked into the trousers wearing young gentleman to come and sweep me off my feet (although I gather that may very well be far more difficult that it sounds; I'd settle for a cheeky smile and an introduction). Goodness me, where are all the decent lads? Seeing as even those I consider my friends take me for granted, I think that it is high time that some good looking fellow came to cheer me up. 

I'll leave you with this, it really is quite beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday <3

25 Feb 2011


I know i've totally neglected the blog the past month, it isn't without reason I promise. I found out that certain friends were not much of friends. Above are some photos from the past week, no matter how stressful it has been, it has been fairly productive as well. Sorry about my ranty post but i will leave you with some music, my favourite at the moment ♥

7 Feb 2011

. My favourite jumper (it was my mammys), new dress and favourite shoes of the moment.
Just a quick post after being busy and unwell this week. Apologies.
I've had a lovely week home, time just seems to whizz and blur past so quickly though. I felt like a 1960's muse Friday night; after a meal in La Tasca with the mother (honestly the best restraunt ever, I love tapas) we headed down to 'The Vault' where local band 'The Brothel Creepers' were playing some old tunes that kept us all dancing. I wore my favourite dress, a pale green and cream shift dress from topshop and some low navy and cream heels with my staple string of pearls. We drank white wine and bumped into some unexpected aqcuintances (including an ex-boyfriends mother and sister). Saturday night was a wind street outing. Me and Joo took the street by storm and had a messy night for old times sake. Sunday brought sewing, rocket lollys, 1960's lust and the Beatles with some family time and good food. All in all, a Wonderful weekend leading to another night out tonight and then Barbie and Action man carnage next week! I sincerely hope everyone else's weekend was just as wonderful as my own, LOVE xx

2 Feb 2011

Home sweet home for the week at last. Have been feeling really homesick and unwell in general and seeing as I have a week off, what better way to spend it than at home with the people I love the very most?! As you can see, I'm pleased to see my little brother and thought I would share him with you, especially as the lucky so and so stole all the pretty genes!

Also, cannot wait to see this beautiful creature who is my best friend in this world, Emily. I have missed her terribly; telephone calls and texting is just not enough. SO excited to see her tomorrow for some serious catch up.

Anyway, it is definately time to get some sleep,my anaemic excuse for a bosy needs some rest to try
and fight off this silly inconvienient cold that seems to be ruining my life.

1 Feb 2011

1. A cwtch and a cup of tea with my mammy is much needed and well looked forward too.
2. I will never understand men, the male species and whatever it is that they hold in their hollow brains.
3. Everybody really needs to just calm down and stop running circles around each other.
4. I don't want to forget anything. At all.
5. Wishing to feel smaller under your sheets is only wishing and reality prevents both of the implied  latter.