30 Jan 2011

Just a few springtime ideas in my incredulous hope that the cold will dissipate quickly to make room for tulips and cloudy sunshine. Although all of the trends for spring point towards 'Ballet', '70's chic' and even 'biker', I have plans to just take it as it comes this spring with clean cut simplicity. White t-shirts or vests with denim, brogues, tousled 'i've just rolled around in bed for an hour before getting up' hair and red lipstick. Of course i'll incorporate a headscarf and a jacket or two into themix but my main principle will be simplicity (untill the floral tea dresses distract my attention and send me flying into a 1940's wartime housewife that is).
As for the evening?

I will definately have to stick to my love of the 1960's and take inspiration from the heavy eyeliner and glamourous hairstyles. Red lipstick will make an appearance for special occasions infusing some 1940's starlett into the mix of things but in general; shift dresses, black tights, eyeliner and some decent jewellery. Keep it casual with a coat for colder evenings and glam up in your favourite heels.

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