31 Jan 2011

Spring trend: 1970's glamour.
This springtime imagine yourself floating down the beach in a loose fitting skirt,crop top and oversized sunglasses, your hair long and flowy with only the most charming of accessories. Think wideleg trousers and slouchy jumpers paired with heels and a belt or perhaps go more bohemian ina baggy yet elegant jumpsuit.
A few of my favouritesat the moment, especially the Topshop pink crop top. Summer wishlist <3

30 Jan 2011

Just a few springtime ideas in my incredulous hope that the cold will dissipate quickly to make room for tulips and cloudy sunshine. Although all of the trends for spring point towards 'Ballet', '70's chic' and even 'biker', I have plans to just take it as it comes this spring with clean cut simplicity. White t-shirts or vests with denim, brogues, tousled 'i've just rolled around in bed for an hour before getting up' hair and red lipstick. Of course i'll incorporate a headscarf and a jacket or two into themix but my main principle will be simplicity (untill the floral tea dresses distract my attention and send me flying into a 1940's wartime housewife that is).
As for the evening?

I will definately have to stick to my love of the 1960's and take inspiration from the heavy eyeliner and glamourous hairstyles. Red lipstick will make an appearance for special occasions infusing some 1940's starlett into the mix of things but in general; shift dresses, black tights, eyeliner and some decent jewellery. Keep it casual with a coat for colder evenings and glam up in your favourite heels.

'If you want to get with me there's some things you've got to know; I like my beats fast and my bass down low'

29 Jan 2011

It just so happens that in trying my hardest not to rip my favourite tights, I managed to rip them more than any usual pair. How typical. However, the night was a nice one spent amongst friends and in other such good company. We went to a different bar than normal, an underground grimy one, but it was a change of scenery. Have pretty much slept through the past two days, which is never good. Also, I have a week and a half off from university this week, thank goodness! Would really like to go home for it, but there is no way of that happening unfortunately.

26 Jan 2011

Just some hair inspiration, i love the plaits at the top

It was lovely to recieve letters this week, make me smile more than i have in a little while. Train tickets to return home and a £10 to keep me fed from my mammy and my friend sent me his demo cd. What a lovely suprise to cwtch up to and read.

22 Jan 2011

Just another quick drawing/music post. In a wierd place atm, will try make my posts more intresting soon.

21 Jan 2011

Just a few quick photos wearing my favourite dress. Also, my new babys..my brogues! They really are just wonderful. Not forgetting 'Ariel'.Sylvia Plath is without doubt my favourite author so I definately recommend her to all of you fellow literature nuts. 'The Bell Jar', her only novel, is by far my favourite but her poetry is just incredible. Favourite poem? Well thats easy; Tulips.

I found this song the other day and just fell in love. It's so calm and his voice is just divine! After a week of essay writing (yes another one) and some presentation planning, I've been feeling quite homesick but with good music and literature on my side, I won't complain too much.

17 Jan 2011

Firstly, Happy New Year.
I'm back in university now so it's all busy busy with essays and presentations of books and theories that I can't even begin to understand. Just a quick drawing update, not amazing still but hopefully I will improve by the end of the year.

Also, here are some photographs from Geek night at the Stannery. It was a lovely night especially since we stayed up untill 7am discussing literature in the kitchen with wine and hot cross buns.

How hilarious do I look in some of these!?
Love x