15 Dec 2010

Dear Santa, I've been a good girl mostly this year with the exception of a few discrepancies. If you feel so inclined, this christmas I would love.....

Perfume, Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' is my favourite aside from my current Marc Jacobs 'Lola'. I do dream of Chanel No5 though, one day...
A Teapot, for my teapartys and just to make me feel like i'm from another age

Some really pretty underwear, lacey and beautiful please.
Nude high heels, the higher and simpler the better
Finally, driving gloves. My hands get frightfully cold in my yellow mini with no heating, besides, how could you not feel like you've been dropped out of the 1960's in these beauties?

Yours, Elspeth x

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Dressed 4 Success said...

Thanks for your comment girl!!

Lovely's pics!