28 Dec 2010

I want your retro heart.

26 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas Darlings !
Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and boxing day! The Breakfast at Tiffanys post isn't entirely irrelevant, it was one of my christmas presents from santa, what a lovely man. I also was given lots of underwear, perfume, a teapot, bath stuff and lots of chocolate!! Let me know how your christmas' went?
xx <3

22 Dec 2010

This song seems to sum up how i feel at the moment. Makes me smile, lovely lovely lovely!

I really really want to dye my hair darker and wear lots of red lipstick come New year, just like a modern day Snow White <3

21 Dec 2010

It was my darling mammy's birthday yesterday and so I made her a birthday cake. It looks all messy but she seemed to enjoy it, actually everyone must have because there was nothing left by teatime. Happy birthday mammy, I love you <3

Also, I just came across these photographs of when Emily, my best friend on this earth, came to visit me in Falmouth. I miss my double bed in my room within the depths of Cornwall and my wonderful flatmates, but for now I'm so happy to be at home with the people I love the most. Emily Sarah Palmer, you're beautiful and I love you <3 Don't ever forget.

Slipping in the ice reminds me of how much I'd like your hand around my waist for support. Might let you go now, thanks alot you prick.

Have got a new sketchbook so i'm feeling really inspired to do more drawing. Pencils at the ready, expect more sketches to appear in posts to come. Sorry to plague you all with my awful attempts, but I enjoy and so I shall continue to share.

Keep warm my darlings, it's frightfully cold outside xx

19 Dec 2010


Makes me want to mess up my hair, ripmy tights, put my best heels on and brave the winter's cold.
Snow hair and my favourite scarf, I recently found it in a charity shop.

Just some '#Chanel-spiration'; I wish I was rich for this very reason.

18 Dec 2010

Snow on my beautiful Mini, Snow everywhere and Christmas cupcakes!

One of my favourites at the moment, thought I'd share.

And a few sketches, not very good but i enjoy it

15 Dec 2010

Dear Santa, I've been a good girl mostly this year with the exception of a few discrepancies. If you feel so inclined, this christmas I would love.....

Perfume, Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' is my favourite aside from my current Marc Jacobs 'Lola'. I do dream of Chanel No5 though, one day...
A Teapot, for my teapartys and just to make me feel like i'm from another age

Some really pretty underwear, lacey and beautiful please.
Nude high heels, the higher and simpler the better
Finally, driving gloves. My hands get frightfully cold in my yellow mini with no heating, besides, how could you not feel like you've been dropped out of the 1960's in these beauties?

Yours, Elspeth x

8 Dec 2010

How Beautiful.
I would love to write for Vogue.

3 Dec 2010

Look a bit fat in the first photograph, can't help that really.
They say that you should focus either on 'eyes' or 'lips', but, as a makeup obsessive, i prefer both for a night out. Try red lipstick and black eyeliner (which is always a must). It made me feel just that bit more confident, I'm sick of rejection so grab the boys attention.