29 Nov 2010

Jacket: New look, Top: Zara, Shorts: Vintage Levi, Wooly tights: New look, Headband: Topshop.

My Flatmates have been trying to teach me guitar. I think I have successfully mastered 'Anyone else but you - The mouldy Peaches' with of courses a few glitches, but I think I've done alright considering I only started last night at 3am. The guitar is my Flatmate Josh's and is absolutely lovely. He has kindly lent it to me for a few days to practice with, I love my flat family. However, I am well aware that I should hurry up and write my essays rather than having tea parties and guitar lessons.
Proof I'm still alive  (and uni bathroom)  <3

Also, found a wonderful website for anyone looking for new music.

24 Nov 2010

Don't Worry Alice, I feel just as lost.

1 Nov 2010

Sorry darlings.

Sorry I haven't written recently. Settling into University is quite an ordeal. Have met some lovely people, the place is just beautiful and I love my course even though it's quite a headfuck. I love all my new friends and feel like an almost entirely new person, some parts good, some parts bad. More actual relevant posts to come I promise, hope you are all well, xx