9 Sep 2010

New bag: Primark
False Eyelashes: Eylure

Had a fabulous Wednesday night out and have also finally pierced my bellybutton. Quite eventful to certain extents.

7 Sep 2010

I really should take this advice, but I know I won't.

Sorry, I couldn't not.

6 Sep 2010

Have been busy in the kitchen today. I made Ratatouille Stuffed peppers for my mother and myselve's dinner and my first ever batch of Welsh cakes ( my favourite thing on this earth). I was so proud of myself that Ifelt compelled to take a photograph to share with you all.
Also, I got bored and put together a collage of images that are inspiring me for this winter. I still maintain that I need a breifcase handbag and a cosy cable knit jumper with burgandy tights, but for now magazine lust shall have to.

Some of my favourites at the moment (:

5 Sep 2010

Just a few holiday snaps from my second holiday in Kos. It was wonderful and I met some great people, not to mention the cocktails.