2 Aug 2010

I'm back from my adventures in NewQuay West Wales and apologise for being a bad bad blogger and not posting anything of substance. The above pictures are of a beautiful butterfly that decided to accompany us during dinner one afternoon in the cottage, and the second is the lovely dangling legs of Emily and Jenny, my two closest, at the point. New Quay really is a complete other world, it is so calm and friendly, but a downpoint is that everyone know everybodys business.
Newest buy: Peacock print tunic/dress, I found it in the charity shop I volunteer at and just fell in love. Upon my discovery I decided to attend a 'Zoo Party' on wind street dressed as a peacock and teamed this dress with opaque black tights, black heels and a peacock feather headband. The party wasn't as expected but nevertheless It was a chance to showcase my new find.
I have also set up an Ebay account after a large clearout of my room, there are a few items up already but I assure you there are many more to come!! I would really appreciate it if you fancied checking some of my items out.

Introducing 'The Pretty Reckless'. Taylor Mormson of Gossip Girl's new band!! I lovelovelove this single, I'm sure you all will too.

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Flashes of Style said...

Love the skirt! so cute :)